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bill gates sobre blogs

Bill Gates achou por bem dar uma entrevista a um blog.
Escolheu – esse mesmo o termo – o Gizmodo, pertencente Gawker Media.
Gates, que acaba de se lanar no mundo dos blogs com a sua plataforma MSNSpaces.
C vo uns excertos:
– “I think blogging is super-important and we’ve got to do a lot more software. The phenomena for us is we’ve got in beta this MSN Spaces thing, and it lets you leverage everything you do around Messengerthat’s your buddy lists and those relationshipsto set up blogs, and who has access, and who gets notified. We’ve got up over a million people [who] set up blog sites.
Now, how many of those people keep those up to stay… but still, it’s a very big number
– “Well, we’re very proud of the role of the PC in allowing lots of voices to exist and make them accessible. Historically, the publishing baron in the city had a very high share of voice, and they didn’t even need to employ the best writers, because they had kind of the unique distribution. As more and more reading gets online, the ability to get to lots of different things, and the competition and quality that takes will be pretty amazing“.
A primeira parte da entrevista est aqui e a segunda aqui.

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Simon Waldman – de quem falo aqui amiude – escreveu, h dois dias atrs, no blog de Jay Rosen, sobre a importncia da “permanncia” na web.
Segundo ele, sempre que se fala da Net emergem dois grandes conceitos – interactividade e imediaticidade. Pois Waldman diz que, invariavelmente, fica de fora a tal da “permanncia”:
– “Permanence means understanding that when you put something on the Web it should be there for ever: ideally in the same place for perpetuity. It means that if I link to it now, someone else can follow that link in two days, two weeks or two years’ time“;
– “This is an alien concept to many people in the news industry, which creates work designed to appear in a particular place at a particular time. But permanence is critical to understanding the real challenges and potential for online publishing“;
– “The Web is the first medium where the publisher can put something in a place that it can be found forever. Other media can provide immediacy, and to varying degrees, some level of interactivity. But no other medium can be permanent in the same way as the Web (other media depend entirely on the consumer to archive: something completely different)“.
O resto, aqui.

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