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bloggers vs. jornalistas – terminou a guerra?

Antecipando a sua participao na conferncia “Blogging, Journalism & Credibility“, a realizar nos dias 21 e 22 deste ms, na Harvards Kennedy School of Government, Jay Rosen escreve, no seu Pressthink, sobre o fim da discusso entre bloggers e jornalistas.
Diz ele que a maior catstrofe humanitria que muitos de ns conhecemos em vida foi marcada por uma cobertura rpida e muito eficiente de alguns blogs e que o jornalismo profissional vai ter de saber adaptar-se a um novo enquadramento da actividade:
If my terms make sense, and professional journalism has entered a period of declining sovereignty in news, politics and the provision of facts to public debate, this does not have to mean declining influence or reputation. It does not mean that prospects for the public service press are suddenly dim. It does, however, mean that the old political contract between news providers and news consumers will give way to something different, founded on what Curley correctly called a new “balance of power”“.

O debate entre jornalismo e weblogs precisa de avanar para territrios mais produtivos:
The question now isn’t whether blogs can be journalism. They can be, sometimes. It isn’t whether bloggers “are” journalists. They apparently are, sometimes. We have to ask different questions now because events have moved the story forward. By “events” I mean things on the surface we can see, like the tsunami story, and things underneath that we have yet to discern“.

Jay Rosen aponta cinco ponto de partida para uma nova discusso:
1 – Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one, and blogging means anyone can own one. That is the Number One reason why weblogs matter.
2 – Instead of starting with “do blogs have credibility?” or “should blogging obey journalism ethics?” we should begin in a broader territory, which is trust. Trust as it is generated in different settings, online and off, in both blogging and in journalism– or in life.
3 – Look around: blogging partakes of a re-surgent spirit of amateurism now being seen in many fields earlier colonized by professionals.
4 – If news as lecture could yield to news as conversation, as some have recommended, it might transform the credibility puzzle because it would feed good information to journalists about the trusters and what they do and do not put their trust in.
5 – Among bloggers there is the type “stand alone journalist,” and this is why among journalists there is now the type: blogger.

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