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web 2.0 – um olhar crítico

Adoptando uma postura distante de juízos morais, Nicholas Carr escreveu, no início deste mês, um texto de leitura absolutamente obrigatória para quem acompanha os debates em torno da relevância social da web e da sua interacção com algumas das estruturas estabelecidas.
My problem is this: When we view the Web in religious terms, when we imbue it with our personal yearning for transcendence, we can no longer see it objectively. By necessity, we have to look at the Internet as a moral force, not as a simple collection of inanimate hardware and software. No decent person wants to worship an amoral conglomeration of technology.
And so all the things that Web 2.0 represents – participation, collectivism, virtual communities, amateurism – become unarguably good things, things to be nurtured and applauded, emblems of progress toward a more enlightened state. But is it really so? Is there a counterargument to be made? Might, on balance, the practical effect of Web 2.0 on society and culture be bad, not good? To see Web 2.0 as a moral force is to turn a deaf ear to such questions


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