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Vale a pena ler estes dez conselhos de um operador de cmara (Stewart Pittman) a todos os jovens jornalistas de TV.

Gostei, particularmente, dos pontos “the story is not you“, “Don’t touch the radio / DO touch the tripod” e “Mind the Nats“.
Excerto (deste ltimo):

You know that little black tubular thing hanging off your partner’s camera? It’s a microphone! It records sound – long after you finish your prophetic stand-ups. With that in mind – put a sock in it, wouldya? Natural sound can often drive the drama of a piece, interview subjects will spout out the greatest sound-bites known to man once they’re up and moving. But we can’t use any of this impromptu theater if you’re yammering on about prep school or your famous husband! So do whatever it takes to remain mum for awhile. Remember, there’s duct tape in the car“.

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