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O que a web pode ensinar ao jornalismo

Steve Yelvington será um convicto adepto de uma reforma total do jornalismo como o conhecemos em face das transformações provocadas pela web.
E um dos seus mais recente posts não foge a esse enquadramento.
Mas importará considerar o que diz, quando nos fala da natureza marcadamente diferenciadora da rede e dos efeitos que ela induz nos comportamentos.

By making it possible for everyone to be publisher, the Internet has created a kind of hybrid of document and conversation that has many of the characteristics of a pre-Gutenberg society.

Flat publication on the Web is optimized to connect with seekers, not people who aren’t seeking. To connect with the new passive majority, you need to be engaged in a broad conversation (that largely isn’t about news), and professional journalism simply has not yet figured out how to do that.

One of the recurring themes: What will be the economic foundation that will support serious professional journalism in the future?
What if that’s the wrong question?
What if the right question is: What does an open journalism company look like? How does it work? Because if traditional journalism is a closed system, it’s going to be clobbered by an “OK” open system. How can we make that open system “good enough?”

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