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A cada jornalista o seu blog

O blog de Howard Owens é de visita recomendada.

Três razões (retiradas de outros tantos posts recentes) todas elas em torno da necessidade de uma nova postura do jornalismo e dos jornalistas:

I want print journalists to GET the web. I want them to understand how the web is different. I want to cure them of their tone deafness to the conversation going on around them.
If you blog in the way blogging is meant to be done, you’ll realize these benefits.
The more journalists who get the web, the better our chance, as an industry, at survival.

Every newspaper web site should do this: Start a blog about local blogs.

It is frustrating to watch people sit around and wait for somebody to teach them.
(…) I think its important for all journalists to take responsibility for their own careers and learn all they can about online content production.
So, my question is, is it worth it for a company to invest time and money to train people who aren’t willing to train themselves?
I mean, the people who invest in themselves are the ones most likely to master the skills necessary to do great work.

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