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Olhar o futuro e ver lá pr’a dentro

Duas sugestões de leitura com pontos em comum: 1) ambas se centram no testemunho de jornalistas com vasta experiência; 2) ambas parecem mostrar-nos que a profissão precisa de ‘mudar de sítio’ e, mais relevante, que o importante não é o tal ‘sítio’.

1.Time is a magazine that waits for no man‘, Entrevista de Richard Stengell ao The Independent (sugestão recolhida no Infotendencias)

“The old rhythm was not for the readers but for the journalists. We were backward looking and retrospective.
Ten years from now the idea that somebody writes for the magazine and not for the website will be crazy. So you can’t drive and listen to the radio at the same time?”

2.Why I’m saying farewell to the NUJ‘, post de Roy Greenslade no seu blog (sugestão recolhida no PontoMedia)

“I concluded that “traditionalist NUJ members… have to come to terms with changed circumstances”. It was a painful personal statement because I realised that I was on the way to saying, as I do now, that though journalism does indeed matter, journalists do not.
What I mean is that I still believe journalistic skills are essential. I also believe that there is a future for professional journalists – people employed by media outlets whose daily job involves them in reporting and transmitting text, photographic and video content. But I also recognise that the so-called profession of journalism has to adapt to vastly changed circumstances.

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