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“Your medium is dying”

“There’s being right and there’s being nice” – é com esta frase que termina a advertência feita a Nelson no mais recente episódio dos Simpsons, emitido no domingo passado nos Estados Unidos.
Nelson tinha acabado de dizer a um jornalista do Washigton Post: “Your medium is dying”!.

Encontrei a sugestão aqui.

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Dois blogs que, de maneiras muito diferentes, ilustram uma mudança em curso e a militância de algumas posições:

1. Newspaper Death Watch

A blog about the sad decline of an American institution: the major metropolitan daily newspaper

2. The Future of News

What will “the news” look like once things have finally stabilized, following the disruptions caused by Internet and Cable TV news? Will the existing leading institutions like newspapers (particularly the New York Times and Washington Post), TV networks, and the Associated Press continue to have the influence they have had in the past? Will “blogs” become a permanent “David” flinging stones at these “Goliaths,” but never achieving a permanent victory, nor a lasting peace? Will modern journalism’s principles of objectivity, truth, verification, the public’s right-to-know, and disdain for the sensational be relevant, or will news become more similar to other consumer products, with news providers scrambling to meet their customers’ needs?
This blog will provide a forum for answering these questions, and it will concurrently present an evolving, increasingly refined vision of the future of news.

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