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Paul Bradshaw prossegue a sua série de excelentes posts sobre o futuro do jornalismo com este 5º contributo – “Making money from journalism: new media business models“:

online, news becomes about being very very big (international) and very very small (hyperlocal; personalised). Industrial age economies of scale no longer apply.
Most publishers are not creating commercial value, but social value. This is easy to dismiss, but online, social capital is a very powerful currency.
the web is a place, not a destination. If your business model rests on selling advertising, you need to think more creatively about attracting – and keeping – people to your site. They don’t hang around newsagents.
Success online rests on responding to, anticipating – and creating – the needs of readers. It is no longer about simply producing ’stories’. Stories were an effective way of serving the need for information when paper was the platform – but that information (who, what, where, when, who, how, why) can be packaged differently – and more effectively – online. Databases, tagging, geotagging, maps, multimedia, interactivity, personalisation – to name just a few – all offer new possibilities.

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Blog – uma visão

When you write for pay, you worry about lawsuits, sentence structure, and word choice. You worry about your boss, your publisher, your mother, and your superego looking over your shoulder. And that’s no way to blog.

Excerto de um excelente texto de Sarah Boxer na New York Review of Books.
Já se disse mais. Muito mais.
E os blogs até são diferentes por outras razões.
Mas esta – a do boost espiritual que a (falsa) sensação de ‘imensa possibilidade’ dá é inegável (pelo menos durante algum tempo) e é inegavelmente uma das justificações para o sucesso do formato.
[Sugestão recolhida no Ponto Media]

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