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Anotações de leituras obrigatórias que ficaram por fazer nos últimos dias:

1. “Writing, Technology and Teens“, Relatório do Pew Internet & American Life Project.

“At the core, the digital age presents a paradox. Most teenagers spend a considerable amount of their life composing texts, but they do not think that a lot of the material they create electronically is real writing. The act of exchanging emails, instant messages, texts, and social network posts is communication that carries the same weight to teens as phone calls and between-class hallway greetings. At the same time that teens disassociate e-communication with “writing,” they also strongly believe that good writing is a critical skill to achieving success – and their parents agree. Moreover, teens are filled with insights and critiques of the current state of writing instruction as well as ideas about how to make in-school writing instruction better and more useful.”

2. “Le monde dand les yeux d’un redac chef“, de Nicolas Kayser-Bril, no L’Observatoire des Medias (Também muito relevante a leitura do trabalho que dá origem a este, sobre a agenda de três diários britânicos – aqui).

3. “A Participatory Media Typology“, texto de lançamento do projecto Media Re:Public, do Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

4. “Blogs vs books from a writer’s point of view“, de Steven Poole (obrigado, Nelson):

“Very possibly, the book as we know it might well turn out to have been a contingent historical phenomenon, based on a particular technology, that lasted only half a millennium. If so, we might regret it. Conversations between bloggers last hours or days, but conversations between  books can last for centuries.”

5. “Crisis y reinvención de los medios“, de Juan Freire.

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