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O mais recente número da Columbia Journalism Review é dedicado à escrita e à leitura (enquanto actividades, também elas, em fluxo) mas recomendo, de entre os textos disponíveis, este sobre o lento desaparecimento do jornalismo de investigação.
Escreve-se no dito texto:

“We’re talking about the type of journalism that is so damned hard to do well, the kind that takes more than just smarts and the ability to turn a phrase; it takes a conviction that learning the truth of a situation—like it or not—and then telling that truth to the public square are among the highest callings of a civilized society. To date, that kind of journalism is conspicuously absent from most freestanding digital news operations. But it’s precisely the kind of work that anyone who would truly reinvent the newspaper must fund and publish.”

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