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Numa entrevista dada ontem à revista Fortune, o CEO da Google, Eric Schmidt, pronunciou-se sobre a crise no modelo de negócio dos media.

They don’t have a problem of demand for their product, the news. People love the news. They love reading, discussing it, adding to it, annotating it. The Internet has made the news more accessible. There’s a problem with advertising, classifieds and the cost itself of a newspaper: physical printing, delivery and so on. And so the business model gets squeezed.

The good news is we could purchase them. We have the cash. But I don’t think our purchasing a newspaper would solve the business problems. It would help solidify the ownership structure, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem in the business. Until we can answer that question we’re in this uncomfortable conversation.

The fundamental question you’re asking is why does Google not write large checks to newspapers? We’re careful at Google with our money. We write large checks when we have a great strategy. And we don’t yet have that strategy.

To me this presents a real tragedy in the sense that journalism is a central part of democracy. And if it can’t be funded because of these business problems, then that’s a real loss in terms of voices and diversity. And I don’t think bloggers make up the difference. The historic model of investigative journalists in any industry is something that is very fundamental. So the question is, what can you do about this? And a fair statement is, we’re still looking for the right answer.

Uma leitura possível:
A empresa vai esperar ainda mais pela queda de valor do títulos e vai, entretanto, criar uma estratégia de revalorização do ‘produto’.
Não sei porquê mas lembro-me logo do EPIC. Brrrr!

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From Knowledgable to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments” é o  título do mais recente ensaio de  Michael Wesch, publicado no espaço Academic Commons.

This new media environment can be enormously disruptive to our current teaching methods and philosophies. As we increasingly move toward an environment of instant and infinite information, it becomes less important for students to know, memorize, or recall information, and more important for them to be able to find, sort, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and create information. They need to move from being simply knowledgeable to being knowledge-able.

Nota: Soube pelo Twitter e, apenas no espaço de tempo que levou a escrever este curto texto, o ensaio tinha passado de 197 para 301 page views).

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