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Visão cómica do futuro dos e-readers…com este Kindle 9XXXD.

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Polémico o mais recente texto de opinião do académico Robert Picard, publicado no CSMonitor.
O que nos diz?
Muito simplesmente que o salário é a compensação pela criação de valor e, no presente, os jornalistas estão a criar muito pouco. Por isso, defende, deveriam receber menos.

To comprehend journalistic value creation, we need to focus on the benefits it provides. Journalism creates functional, emotional, and self-expressive benefits for consumers. Functional benefits include providing useful information and ideas. Emotional benefits include a sense of belonging and community, reassurance and security, and escape. Self-expressive benefits are provided when individuals identify with the publication’s perspectives or opinions, or when they’re empowered to express their own ideas.
These benefits used to produce significant economic value. Not today. That’s because producers and providers have less control over the communication space than ever before. In the past, the difficulty and cost of operation, publication, and distribution severely limited the number of content suppliers. This scarcity raised the economic value of content. That additional value is gone today because a far wider range of sources of news and information exist.
The primary value that is created today comes from the basic underlying value of the labor of journalists. Unfortunately, that value is now near zero.

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